I'm a Sellout! Not Really, But Kind Of, But Anyway...

April 18, 2022

I'm a Sellout! Not Really, But Kind Of, But Anyway...

Hey it's me, Matt Buchholz, the owner and sole person here at Alternate Histories with an update about the #EtsyStrike. First I want to thank everyone who liked, posted about, and shared this story. It was heartwarming to see so many people get involved, and to see news articles & editorials about it everywhere. It gave me hope and let me see that there are still people who appreciate what me and millions of other sellers do.

It's been disappointing that Etsy has made zero public response, but to be honest that's not surprising. This is a company that has increasingly walled itself off from the sellers who power it. There's a movement in the community now to send letters to Etsy and I'm all for that (their address is 117 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201). But I worry that Etsy is a lost cause. I'd love to see someone try to do this right and really work with and support makers; I even have my own idea for a platform so hey, if you have a few million lying around to invest, hit me up!

But getting back to reality; I am going to have to turn my store back on and continue selling on Etsy. I'm not happy about it, but Etsy still makes up between 35-40% of my sales for the year and I simply can't afford to lose that income, especially not when I'm trying to expand, print more calendars, get a studio space, and make some big moves this year.

Modern life is all about these incremental choices; which evil corporation we can do without and which we still have to do business with. Even with increased fees, star seller, not policing counterfeits, and a host of other problems, I need the income that Etsy provides.

I understand if you're disappointed; it's my hope to move solely onto my own website in the next few years, but until I can increase direct traffic to AlternateHistories.com, I don't really have a choice. So I wanted to be as clear as I can about this situation. I'll keep protesting and trying to hold Etsy's feet to the fire, and I hope you'll keep supporting independent artists. If you find something cool on Etsy, take a minute to google! At least half the time you'll find that you can buy directly from the artist. And thanks again for your support!

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