Arnie Bond & The Zombietones

Relive Pittsburgh's big band "Zombie Craze" with this swingin' poster depicting one of the many Living Dead Dance bands from the first part of the 20th century! Cut and paste the link below to hear them swing on "One to the Head (That's How You Do It)"

This digital print measures 8 x 10 inches and comes with this description: "A Pittsburgh-based big dance band, Arnie Bond and the Zombietone Orchestra were just one of several groups who tried to cash in on the local Living Dead trend. Their 1929 single, “One to the Head (That’s How You Do It)” was a humorous yet serious look at how to dispatch a zombie. The song was received favorably in Southwestern Pennsylvania, yet as national awareness of the Living Dead was still low, their follow- up, the ballad “Take My Heart but Don’t Take My Head” failed to gain popularity."

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