2021 Calendar

Another year, another Alternate Histories calendar! This year’s been a doozy so let’s go with something relaxing for this year’s calendar…Paint by Numbers!

I’m taking my inspiration from those pop-art classics, the Paint by Numbers set. The artwork is lots of lovingly hand-painted artwork complete with your favorite monsters, zombies, & aliens causing all sorts of mayhem, as monsters are wont to do. And the images themselves are from the amazing collection of the Allegheny Wine Mixer, one of the best bars in Pittsburgh!

Plus each calendar comes with your very own blank Paint By Number image! Just cut out the back page and follow the guidelines for colors! Or buy the Special Edition that comes with a set of eight acrylic paints and paintbrush to complete your own Paint by Numbers edition!

Like years past, this is a big 12 x 12 inch calendar (unfolds to 12 x 24 inches when hung) with lots of room to write down important dates on the calendar. And the calendar has the Alternate Histories treatment with all those “real” holidays and reminders that come with the calendar.

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