Alternate Histories Classics of Filmdom

Welcome to the Alternate Histories Classics of Filmdom! We are thrilled to present this series of classic "bad" sci-fi film scripts, rescued from obscurity by our team of highly trained preservationists, and reprinted in a stylish, vintage folio style.

We're pleased to present three films for our first edition of the Alternate Histories Classics of Filmdom, now available for purchase (click the links below to buy!):

Each of these pocket-sized, 32 page books contains the entire script to the movie, painstakingly transcribed from multiple painful watchings of the films. Sure to be a collector's item, these books are a must-have for anyone interested in the unsung classic works of Western literature. Or someone who just loves bad sci-fi movies! Either way, you'll enjoy the good fun of elevating auteurs like Edward D. Wood Jr. to the ranks of Shakespeare.

These books are a direct result of our successful Kickstarter funding, and we'd like to thank all of the handsome & intelligent men and women of good taste who contributed to our crazy project. Truly, they are among the finest and best-smelling individuals on our planet. They are:

John J. Browne

Dan "bonerz4lyf" Rugh

T.J. Thompson

Nanci Goldberg

Lisa Krowinski

Kristin Inciardi

Paul Schifino


Nick & Siobhan

DeeDee Perrault

The Dechongkits

Thomas Sweterlitsch

Elvira Eichleay

Ragtrader Vintage

Julie Bouckaert

Allison & Craig

Andrew Twigg

Stamatis Marinos

Robbi Robinson

Jay Wade Edwards

Jeffrey Maslany

Henry Smiley

Bryan Jennings


Kevin Flinn

Anthony Letizia

Stacey and Joe

Jason Martinek

Marilee Reinhart-Davieau

Crafty Mart - Akron, Ohio

Brian Siewiorek


Parthenia Normandy

Scott Knudsen

Lindsay W & Charlie T

Lynn JP

Dead Redhead


Seames O'Grady

Holly Dobkin

Dane H.

Ron Schultz

Bess Dunlevy

Neal Wilson

Jeff Constable

Mudd Slaski


Jeff Solarmanite

L Press

Dave Kapell

Daniel Rothschild

Matt and Kim Lehnen

Gary Roberts

Monster Kid Radio (


Kyle Honzik

Hey Beast Studio


Brian C. Ladd

Robyn Marie

Michelle Scott Roark

Kelly Brown

Linda D. Szewczyk

Kate McGrady-The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh


Thea Okonak

Green Hand Bookshop

Anna Leisner

Amy Garbark

Susan Green


Sarah Pacelli

David Wells (

Erin Brown

Zagula from the chupacabra-infested desert of Arizona

David Cassiday

Nicolaj Klitbo

Joe Filipas

Phil Vance


Cindy Womack

David Griffiths

Tim Hunkapiller

Brandon Angus Mikel

Caitlin Monesmith


Clinton Hallahan, Pet Detective

Ed Barton

Curt Sherman

Katharine Magill

Tom Anderson, Newport Beach, CA

Franklin Jones

Richard A. Moore

Terry L. Dimmick

Heidi von Markham

Patrick "Scarabus" Hanna

Vinnie 'Moist Vomit" Verrinoldi

Chris Finch

Alleyne Dickens


Deborah Steinberg



Jason Hornbuckle

Joseph Pierson

R. Sherborne

Mike Danylchuk

John Boudreaux

Laura from Woodstock IL!

Leshia Doucet

Otto von Whackjob

Chris Mihal

The Brush Family

Row House Cinema

Lesley Rains

Betty from Denton

John Shortino

Science Fiction & Fantasy Society Luxembourg

Roger Hawk

Lawrence Person

Tom Bryson


John DeGore

Matthew Davison

Let's Go Pens!

Tom Shapira

Steve Lord

Rob Trevino


Jesse Ozog & Danielle Cook

Bill Shute

Scarlett Letter

Rhel ná DecVandé

Mark Bailey



Jim Lesniak

Paul DerHagopian

Erik Johnson

Becki & Chris

Jose Angel "The Martian" Lara

Plays Inverse Press


Liz Evenson

Flopsy T. Hamster

Michelle M. Harlan

Ryan Adam Burton

Jim Kleefeld

Diana Paprotny

Rika Kelley

Worker Bird

Tieg Zaharia

Heather Visnesky

John W. Parrish III


Anna Loy

Jennifer "Whisky Face" Rajotte

Heather Pristash and Terrence Watson

Andrew O. Ellis

Sven of the Dead


Marc Gacy

Shaun Pryszlak

MANOS - The Hands of Felt

Deanna Stanley


Angeline Burton

Loretta Micheals

Flor Maria Macias

Zachary "Quacky" Dearing

Maralynn Jacoby

Amy E. Richardson

Matt's Dad


Harold L. Powell, Jr.

A. C. Weston

Reverend Steve Galindo of The Church of Ed Wood

Avri Klemer

Daniel M. Shapiro

Susan Hamm

Ethan of the House of Williston

Cody Ruth

Jay Jubak

Mr. Fine

Pat Regan

Scott & René Booker

Sharon Packer MD


Jenn Strang


Raja Thiagarajan

Jon Kush

Terry Gammon

Andrew Cooper

Craig E

Kelly K.