Alternate Petstories

Get a custom Alternate Petstories portrait of your favorite pet! Surely you’ve always wondered what your dog, cat, rabbit, or other animal would look like dressed in the finery of the late 1800s and early 1900s? Well wonder no more!

With Alternate Petstories, you’ll submit a picture of your pet, pick what vintage style photo you want, and submit it! In 2-3 weeks (longer for international orders), you’ll receive a professionally printed, signed photo of your pet, done in my Alternate Petstories style, ready for framing!

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Above you can see the ten different photo styles that I offer; click on the left and right arrows to scroll through (if the slideshow doesn't load, refresh this page or click here to see all the available templates). The pets shown here are just examples - you can submit a cat, dog, rabbit, bird, whatever! And I don’t outsource any work - this is a completely unique portrait of your pet, created by me!* Click here to see more examples! 

The photos are digital giclée prints using Photo or Presentation Archival quality paper depending on the look of the photo. 

Then pick a photo of your pet!  The bigger photo you can find, the better! Click here for examples of what kind of photos work best - a clear shot from an angle works best! 

Click here to read more about Alternate Petstories, what you can expect, and to read our FAQ.

*If you’re interested in a unique portrait with multiple pets, a different background, or other information, please click here to email me.

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