Pittsburgh in Olden Times: Second Edition


Celebrate the richness of Pittsburgh history with this volume of monstrously fun Alternate Histories artwork and text. So POPULAR and so IMPORTANT it had to be reprinted in this new SECOND EDITION, complete with a new Foreword, Backward, and more.

Focusing on Allegheny County and the region around Southwestern Pennsylvania, this book tells the history of the Steel City as it has never been told before:

  • The truth about the monsters drawn to the hellfire of the steel plants!
  • The truth about the cause of the Great Pittsburgh Fire!
  • The truth about the mysterious Monongahela Monster!
  • The truth about the city’s complex and ongoing relationship with the Living Dead!
  • And much more!

Compiled from years of exhaustive research, this 76 page book contains dozens of pictures and accompanying descriptive text. It dares to go where other historical documents fear to tread! Explore the Alternate Histories and Olden Times of Pittsburgh by purchasing this book… if you dare! All artwork and writings by Matthew Buchholz.

ISBN 978-1-7353948-3-1

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