The Defeat of General Frankenstein at Bunker Hill

A digitally printed 11 x 17 inch print that is sure to delight your friends and family who look closely at this piece of fine art from Massachusetts history. Comes with this description:

An engraving based on John Trumbull's legendary painting, this piece depicts a pivotal moment in the American Revolution: the battle of Bunker Hill in Boston, Specifically, the artist highlights the death of Major General Albertus Frankenstein, a scientist and contemporary of Benjamin Franklin who abandoned his research into the reanimation of dead tissue to lead a regiment of Colonial forces in 1775. Frankenstein was well-known on the battlefield for his "Monster," a hulking personal valet that some contend was the successful result of his experiments. It is an established fact that upon the Major General's death, the "Monster" flew into a rage, tearing British soldiers limb from limb and almost single-handedly routing the King's army before General Putnam (on the left side of the piece) ordered a retreat.

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