Zombie Infested Areas of Chicago


Never be at a loss for zombie-infested areas of Chicago, Illinois again! This 11 x 17 inch poster will keep you safe!

Interstellar Invasion of Chicago


A map for the interstellar invasion of Chicago?! It could never happen...OR COULD IT?!! Decide for yourself with this 11 x 17 inch digital print.Comes with this description:As the entire world planned a visit to Chicago for the 1892-1893 Columbian...

The Chicago Colum-Bot Run Amok


An elegant hand-tinted 11 x 17 inch print, it comes with this description: Created for the 1892 Columbian Exposition, the steam-powered, Colum-Bot was the hit of the festival celebrating Columbus' discovery of America. Yet after the exposition was taken down,...

Chicago Will Control Zombies Poster


A beautiful WPA-produced poster from Chicago's ill-fated attempt to introduce the Zombye serum, which we now know has little to no effect on zombies. Curses! Enjoy this bit of fake history in an 8 x 10 inch print ready for...

Chicago: What to See


Enjoy a piece of (made-up) Chicago history with this 11 x 17 inch poster highlighting the parts of Chicago to see and what monster-infested areas to avoid! Comes with this description: "With Chicago’s expanding public transportation system the envy of...

Map of Chicago, 1868


This handsome 11 x 17 inch print will enliven any office, home, or place where art can hang! Comes with this description of an early time in Illinois history: Grand old Chicago-town is seen here in her splendor before the...

Floating Saucer Crafts and the Chicago Fire


This vintage (looking) 11 x 17 inch print commemorating the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and its Otherworldly Cause looks great on any wall. The description of this pivotal moment in Illinois history reads: "The Great Fire at Chicago, Oct...

Chicago Blues Battle of the Bands


Oh how the walls would shake and the floor would shudder when Robo Dixon and his Bluesbots took the stage at one of the Peppermint Lounge's famous Battle of the Bands. Enjoy simpler times when the loser was eaten with...

Elevated Trains of Chicago


Chicago, Illinois is famous for its elevated trains, but do you know why they exist?! Find out in this 11 x 17 inch print. Comes with this description: As the stock yards and butchering industry grew in Chicago, the city...

Chicago in 1820


Enjoy this elegant evocation of a time long past in Illinois' history with an 11 x 17 inch print. Comes with this description: Although many know it either as a cosmopolitan metropolis or as the hog-butchering capital of the world,...