Cleveland & Toledo Zombie Evacuation Routes


An admirable 11 x 17 inch digital print that may still come in handy! Educate and entertain your friends with this view of the Living Dead Evacuation Routes from Cleveland to Toledo. Comes with this description:With Cleveland and other cities...

Zombies in Cleveland


First a burning river, now Zombies! Cleveland has its share of problems, but you'll navigate through the living undead outbreaks safely with this 11 x 17 inch map. Comes with this description: "With more and more cities experiencing outbreaks of...

Beware the Scourge of Suffragettes


Your friends and enemies alike will be delighted with this humorous 11 x 17 print depicting shenanigans at Cleveland, Ohio's Soliders and Sailors Monument. Best of all, with each purchase of one of these prints, a $5 donation is made...

The Eerie Beast of the Lake


Gadzooks! Who knew that Lake Erie was named after an enormous sea serpent?! Now you will, with this handsome 11 x 17 inch print hanging on your wall. Comes with this description: This fine birds-eye view of Cleveland, Ohio in...

The Great Ape Loose at the West Side Market


"It can't happen here!" That's what the people of Cleveland said when they saw a famous ape loose in New York City atop the skyscrapers. Yet this 8.5 x 11 inch print offers "proof" that the Great Ape was once...

Commodore Perry Rallies the Mermen of Lake Erie


Relive one of the great moments in American and Ohio history with this fine 11 x 17 inch print. Comes with this description: September 10, 1813: After the sinking of his ship by the British, Commodore Oliver Perry rallied his...