Birds-Eye View of Detroit, Michigan


Start a conversation with this 11 x 17 print of the Motor City in the 19th century, with a little monster thrown in! Comes with this description: This handsome print depicts the busy harbor of Detroit, Michigan as well as...

Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh, 1905


This is an 11 x 17 inch reproduction of a black and white photo of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Comes with this description: An excellent view of downtown Pittsburgh by the Detroit Photographic Company. In the distance one can see where Sixth...

The Great Beast of Ann Arbor


The wilds of Ann Arbor were a little more wild in the 19th century when a gigantic beast stalked the plains, terrorizing the state from Detroit to Ypsilanti! Make your artwork more monsterrific with this 11 x 17 inch print.

The Scourge of St. Clair


"What an excellent print of Lake St. Clair," your friends will exclaim upon seeing this 11 x 17 inch digital reproduction. "But is that a sea monster in the middle? Delightful!" Comes with this description: An excellent view of Lake...

Main Street in Memphis


An 11 x 17 inch reproduction of a gem from the Detroit Photographic Company, enjoy this view of downtown Memphis. Comes with this description:  This picture captures all the hustle and bustle of downtown Memphis in 1906. The new streetcar...

The Monster That Made Milwaukee Famous


"The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous" was also the drink of choice for the Lake Michigan Monster, as seen here in this rare foto-graph by the Detroit Photographic Service. At the turn of the century, the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company...