The Portland Head Light House and the Monster!


Ah, the Portland Head Light House! The bite of the sea air, the sound of the waves, the gigantic tentacled monster attempting to rip the lighthouse from its foundations...memories! Share these fake memories with your friends and family in the...

Portland's Mechanical Man Factory


Did you know that Portland, Maine was once home to one of the largest producers of Mechanical Men in the country? It's true (not true)! Enjoy this bit of industrial history with an 11 x 17 inch print.

The Willamette River Creature


Are you familiar with the Hodgson & Robinson Bank Clock Tower in Portland, Oregon? No? That's because it was destroyed by the Willamette River Creature in 1889! Learn that fact and more with this 11 x 17 inch map! Comes...

Mount Hood in Oregon


A gorgeous Photochrom reproduction of Mount Hood with a sighting of the friendly Multnomah Monster in the far-off distance. The Monster was known to enjoy its sporadic encounters with tourists, freely posing for photographs and posing with visitors. Enjoy this...