Welcome to Alternate Histories

Alternate Histories: where monsters, aliens, robots, and zombies rampage through history in our collection of prints and greeting cards. 

Learn about how a robot helped write the Declaration of Independence. See what really caused the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 (hint: Martians). Explore vintage posters for the Los Angeles Zombie Hunting Olympics of 1932. Or purchase a greeting card with only the finest of killer robots and monsters on it.

We have over 35 different cities and locales represented, including New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Tucson, San Francisco, Portland, Austin, and many more!

Our offbeat greeting cards are perfect for people who like something a little out of the ordinary, including Birthday CardsLove & Valentines DayMother's Day, Father's DayWeddings, New BabyThank You, Get Well, Congrats, & more!

If you don't see a print for your city, let us know! We also do custom work, perfect for an offbeat wedding invitation or unique gift.

A few words about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday. And a few thank yous.
November 23, 2015

My name is Matt Buchholz, and I run a small business, Alternate Histories. I make cards & prints with monsters in them. I sell them online, at some stores around the country, and at craft/art shows. I live and work...

Holiday Shows
November 03, 2015

As the holiday season approaches, I've been busy putting together my schedule of holiday events! And here it far! More dates and events may be added, but for now, here is where you can find me to purchase holiday...

Two Hour Torgo
October 12, 2015

In honor of my upcoming all-female live reading of Manos the Hands of Fate (co-presented with the fine folks at Arcade Comedy Theater), I've got a special treat for you! A full two-hour loop of the haunting Torgo theme from Manos...

Forced Friday!
September 04, 2015

Look, we all love Star Wars. But sometimes, the mandatory hubbub around "shopping days" and "special deals" can you leave you feeling as hollow as a Tauntaun after an encounter with Han Solo. So to strike back, we're offering a...