FAQ, Refund Policy, & Terms of Service

How long does it take for orders to ship?

Most orders will ship out within three business days. However if you need your order by a specific time, please contact matt@alternatehistories.com BEFORE you order to make sure it can arrive on time.

What if I didn't receive a tracking number?

If your order is something small like one or two greeting cards, it will ship basic First Class mail which doesn't have tracking. If your order is larger, you should have received a tracking number; email matt@alternatehistories.com if you're not sure.

I think my order is lost?

Shipping delays via USPS are still common and you would not believe how many times someone emails to say "my order never showed up" and then it shows up that day. Nonetheless, sometimes help is required, in which case email matt@alternatehistories.com

My item was damaged; can you replace it?

Probably! I'll need photos of how the package arrived damaged (was it stepped on, left out in the rain, etc) to submit as a claim to the post office. Once you email that info to matt@alternatehistories.com, I can work on a replacement.

I ordered the wrong size item or want to exchange my order.

Exchanges are happily processed although you, the customer, will have to pay the fee to get the item back to me in Pittsburgh. Once that's done, I'll get a replacement out to you. Email matt@alternatehistories.com

I received the wrong order.

I'm so sorry! Email matt@alternatehistories.com and send a photo of the incorrect order so I can see what happened and I'll take care of it right away.

What is your return/refund policy?

Items can be returned for a full refund, minus the shipping cost, or returned in person to the Studio during open hours.

Can I stop by your Studio to pick up and order/exchange something/return something?

Yes, you can conduct any exchanges or returns at the Studio during open hours. Open hours are posted on this website and social media.

Are you accepting requests for custom work?

Not right now, sorry.

Do you ship internationally?

Not right now, sorry.

How do you use my data when I buy something or sign up for your email?

I don't sell your data or farm it out or use any companies to mine your info, and I will never do that. Your information sits in the private Alternate Histories mailing list which I use to email you about upcoming sales and events, and which you can unsubscribe from at any time. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me.

What is the best cover of a Beatles song?

Obviously it's Stevie Wonders' "We Can Work it Out."


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