Announcing the 2023 National Park Monsters Calendar

December 01, 2021

Announcing the 2023 National Park Monsters Calendar

The essential info: the 2023 calendars are out now! 

The background: As I've detailed previously, this has been a really wild holiday season, with scam artists creating fraudulent listings for my 2022 National Park Monsters calendar and spreading them everywhere. First across Facebook, then Instagram with links to fake e-commerce sites, then listings on Amazon, Etsy,, you name it. 

This has made me insane, hurt, depressed, stressed out, and exhausted from trying to keep up with filing listings to take them down. All of the pressure is on me to submit these takedowns, not on the giant multi-billion dollar companies making money from the fraudulent sale of my work. That part is ongoing and I hope to have more to say about it later. 

The one good thing to all of this is that many folks notified me about these fake listings, or just googled and found my website. As a result the sales of my calendar went through the roof. I sold out of my initial printing, then reprinted more. I sold out of those in a weekend and reprinted even MORE. Those took about 3-4 days but they too are now sold out. 

Lots of people have asked if I'm going to be printing more this year. And to be real, I simply cannot manage it. This experience has drained me in ways I never thought possible. Alternate Histories is one person, me, with my girlfriend helping out by packaging calendars. I run everything out of one bedroom in our small house in Pittsburgh. I simply do not have the capacity, physically, psychologically, or emotionally, to print more this year. 

Next year I'm hoping will be different. I'm planning ahead to have a studio space where I can hire help and get these calendars printed and marketed in a big way. The 2023 National Park Monsters calendar will be bigger and better than before; it'll have the same major artwork, with a few changes, new text, and lots of fun stuff. 

I know a lot of you were disappointed that you couldn't get the calendar this year. For that I'm very sorry. I hope you'll sign up to be notified when the 2023 calendar goes on sale, and that you'll check out some of the other things I have going on. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter to stay in touch.  

Thanks again to everyone who reached out, who bought a calendar, who sent a supportive message. It means a lot. 

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