Bag It Up Sale!

February 07, 2019

Bag It Up Sale!

Sometimes great ideas start out over chips & salsa.

I was having lunch fellow Pittsburgh artists Amy Garbark from garbella and Allison Glancey from strawberryluna to talk about how last year went for us, new ideas, and to just chit chat. It's great to have a supporting group of friends and makers and lots of great stuff can come from these meetings.

We were talking about cleaning out inventory and our workspaces, and figuring out what to do with some stuff. We all had work that we were phasing out, or slightly damaged but still good, or designs we're tired of, or leftover raw materials that we didn't know what to do with. Our friend Lisa who owns Sapling Press had held a couple bag sales, where you pay to get in, you get handed a bag, and you can take home whatever fits in it.

So we started thinking...could we do this on a larger scale, with multiple artists from the city, in a big space? Why not? We reached out to Ace Hotel and to other artist friends and the Bag It Up Sale came together really quickly.

So on Saturday, March 17th from 11am-3pm at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh Gym, you can join us. $20 gets you in the door and a big shopping bag that you can fill with seconds, t-shirts, greeting cards, artwork, coffee mugs, maker materials, used pieces, and to be honest a lot of perfectly good stuff that we just don't have room for anymore! Sip while you shop with drinks from the Ace Hotel bar & coffee shop or stay for brunch at Whitfield. And bring your four-legged friend too; this is a dog-friendly event!  RSVP here and let us know if you're coming.

Participating artists:
Alternate Histories
everyday balloons print shop
Sapling Press
Worker Bird
Knotzland Bowties


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