May 24, 2018


This has been a project I've been working on for years, based off those conversations about who would win in a fight: a zombie or an alien? 

My goal was to make a fun, fast, family-friendly card game after so many people have told me that their kids love my work. And I found the perfect illustrators to draw friendly and cutely ferocious monsters: my friends Becki & Chris from everyday balloons. 

You can learn more about the game and see all the great artwork and rewards that everyday balloons created on my Kickstarter page. Like my previous Kickstarters, I'm basically just asking you to pre-buy a copy of the game, although there are plenty of fun rewards if you want to contribute more and get more! 

So click here to check it out and if you're so inclined, share it with a friend! This has been a labor of love and I can't wait for you to have the chance to play...MONSTER FIGHT!

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