The Rick Sebak Cocktail is Here!

April 29, 2021

The Rick Sebak Cocktail is Here!

I'm thrilled to have to designed the label for the bottled RICK SEBAK COCKTAIL debuting this Saturday, May 1, at the Independent Brewing Company. I've posted on here before about the labels I've done for IBC; when they decided to bottle their Rick Sebak Cocktail (made with bourbon, maple syrup, and chocolate mole bitters), I was honored that they asked me, and flattered that local television legend Rick Sebak wanted me to use this silly graphic I made of him a few years ago. Plus a portion of each bottled cocktail sold goes to local PBS station WQED.

Rick will be DJing on Saturday, May 1 when the cocktail is released and I may make an appearance too; stay tuned! And thanks to IBC and Rick Sebak (and to Brian Maxwell for the great photo).

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