S.M.A.S.H. Squad and the Zombie Wall

Protect humanity and your living room with this 11 x 17 inch print highlighting the need to take action against the Zombie hordes!

This print is part of our S.M.A.S.H. Squad series, which highlights the Stop Monsters And Save Humanity Squad that started after World War II as a way for the government to combat monsters, whether they be man-made, otherworldly, or extraterrestrial.

Comes with this description:
Started in 1949 as fears of a zombie planet began to spread across a paranoid country, the “Zombie Wall” was an idea that gained great traction among those who thought the best way to protect our country was to build a giant, steel-reinforced wall around us. Early test versions of the wall in smaller cities proved unsuccessful, as they simply eliminated any means of escape from the ravenous zombie hordes. Education & integration, rather than exclusion, would be the key.

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