Beware the Scourge of Suffragettes

Your friends and enemies alike will be delighted with this humorous 11 x 17 print depicting shenanigans at Cleveland, Ohio's Soliders and Sailors Monument. Best of all, with each purchase of one of these prints, a $5 donation is made to the League of Women Voters. Comes with this description:

For years this hand-tinted photograph, taken at the Soliders And Sailors Monument in Cleveland, was thought to be a piece of anti-Suffrage propaganda. Circulated under the title “Beware the Scourge of Suffragettes”, copies of this photograph were used to stress the threat that women’s voting and equal rights posed to conservative gentlemen everywhere. “One can literally see the woman grown in stature to fifty feet tall, grasping greedily for her so-called “rights,”” wrote one prominent New York newspaper. Nothing could be further from the truth; the image was simply a photograph of Cleveland woman Belle Sherwin grown to monstrous size and wrath after an accidental overdose of an experimental growth serum. The fact that Sherwin recovered and enlisted in the Cleveland Suffrage movement is no doubt coincidental.

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