Subscription Service

Introducing the Greatest Advancement in Art for the 21st Century:
The Alternate Histories Subscription Service

The rumors and prophecies are true! Alternate Histories is launching a brand-new Subscription Service in 2015! For up to six months, you’ll receive new work, sent right to your home every month, when you least expect it!

The Three Tiers: 


$100 Six Month Subscription (Best Value!)
January, February, March, April, May, & June
Ships within the US only*
• (2) Exclusive 8 x 10 inch prints
• (1) Exclusive 11 x 17 inch print
• (2) Sets of five handpicked greeting cards
(1) Special surprise gift, only available through this service!

$75 Four Month Subscription
January, February, March, & April
Ships within the US only*
• (1) Exclusive 8 x 10 inch prints
• (1) Exclusive 11 x 17 inch print
• (1) Set of five handpicked greeting cards
• (1) Special surprise gift, only available through this service!

$40 Two Month Subscription
January & February
Ships within the US only*
• (1) Exclusive 8 x 10 inch prints
• (1) Set of five handpicked greeting cards

We’re hoping this service catches on. Because, you see, when we say “we at Alternate Histories,” we really just mean “I.” I’m Matt Buchholz and I run this business by myself (with a little help from my dog Otis). I love running my own small business and sharing cool artwork and crazy ideas with friends & fans. But as I’m struggling to get my work in stores and sell work online with more and more competition, I need to start thinking outside the box. That’s how I came up with this subscription idea - it’s a fun way for me to push myself by creating new work that will appeal to a wide variety of people, and not just monsters in a specific city. It’s also a way for me to keep my business going during the slower spring & summer months.

And my hope is that it’s fun for you too! Once you sign up, you’ll get surprise packages for six months straight - plus a certificate when you sign up, in case you want to give it as a gift or share it with anyone.

So I hope you’ll consider signing up. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! And you’ll be supporting a small business owner with a crazy idea. I want to keep on making monsters with my friends for years to come; with your help, I can make that happen. And you get something out of it too! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the brand-new artwork?
It won’t be city-specific, so don’t worry about that. It’ll be historic, or focusing on national trends, or something else fun. We have some great ideas, but it’ll be something you will be glad to hang on your wall...or give as a gift!

Can I order this for someone else!
Yes! If you want to order it as a gift, just enter that person’s name and address in the “Special Instructions” section at checkout. If you have any questions, just email us before you place your order!

If I want to give this as a gift for Christmas, when is the latest I can place my order?
If you place your order by December 22, you’ll get a copy of the personalized digital certificate that you can give someone. But you can order afterwards too!

What kinds of greeting cards will I get? Can I choose?
Unfortunately no. But you’ll get season-appropriate cards...Valentine’s day around February, and some Wedding in the summer. Plus some everyday cards to use too (Birthday, Baby, etc).

What if my artwork is damaged in shipping?
We’re so sorry for this theoretical occurrence! Just send us a picture of the damage (so we can contact the Post Office) and we’ll send a replacement copy right away.

What is the surprise gift?!
We can’t tell you! That would be cheating. It’s not a card or a print, but it’s something substantial. It’s a product that people have been asking us to do for a while...and we’re doing it exclusively for subscribers!

Do you offer this service outside of the United States?
Yes! Email us  with your country & address, and we can put together a custom shipping rate for you. Unfortunately, it’ll cost more than the prices listed here, as international shipping rates have gone through the roof lately.

If I buy a two or four month subscription and then want to add more months, can I do that?
Absolutely! Just email us and we’ll work out the details!

Will you be offering a subscription service later in the year?
Maybe! Hey, we answered your question above!

What’s the latest I can sign up?
You can sign up anytime before June 15, 2015. If you sign up after we’ve started, we’ll send you a package with everything you missed out on! 

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