Monster Attacks Pittsburgh

This 11 x 17 inch digital print features the likeness of a well-known movie monster wreaking havoc over Pittsburgh & Allegheny in 1876. Hang it on your wall and see how many people notice the gigantic monster astride the Pennsylvania landscape.

Comes with this description:
Oh the folly of man! Such were the cries of the citizenry on a fall day in 1876 when an  unusual happenstance befell Pittsburgh & Allegheny. Coal miners in the West Virginia region were being pushed to find new deposits to fuel the vast foundries along the rivers. As they broke into the ground the miners uncovered a long-dormant sleeping creature who rose from his sleep in anger, smiting those before him with a white-hot fire-breath. The creature then moved on to exact its revenge on the city of industry, leveling the downtown region before plunging into the Monongahela. The whereabouts of the creature are currently unknown although a beast matching the description has been seen in the Far East.

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