March Monster Madness Final Round

March 24, 2017

We've come to the end!

The awesome behemoth Godzilla vs the dark lord Nosferatu! It's a rumble for the ages! Who could have predicted it would end up like this? (Seriously, if you did predict it, let me know!).

  • GODZILLA: King of all Monsters! Godzilla is the original Kaiju, and has never faced Gamera before onscreen. Scales and heights vary but Godzilla is the larger of the two. Weaknesses: Few, although Godzilla has been bested by physically superior opponents before.
  • NOSFERATU: aka Count Orlock, he has the ability to change shapes and take on the form of rats. Strong, cunning, and able to control men's minds, he drinks blood to survive. Weaknesses: Sunlight! 

Click the picture above to vote or click here! You'll get the option to say WHY you think your favorite monster should win, and the best answer each day wins a special prize! 

Voting is open until midnight pacific time! The final results will be announced tomorrow!

Want to keep track of everything? Click here to download a printable bracket!

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