Round 14: Nosferatu vs Torgo

March 23, 2017

The Prince of Darkness vs the Devil's Henchman! Nosferatu vs Torgo! Both done in by their love of a woman!

  • NOSFERATU: aka Count Orlock, he has the ability to change shapes and take on the form of rats. Strong, cunning, and able to control men's minds, he drinks blood to survive. Weaknesses: Sunlight!
  • TORGO: A hellish half satyr who seemingly works for the devil himself, Torgo is a creature of the darkness, creeping (slowly) through the desert to attack his prey. Can you stand the terror of his large thighs? Weaknesses: can be pushed over, the ickiness factor.

Update: Congrats to NOSFERATU in a landslide!


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