Monster Island Escape

You wake up on a desert island with your memory gone. The only thing you can remember is... you’re a giant monster! That’s how MONSTER ISLAND ESCAPE starts, but you’ll never predict how it ends! Depending on the choices you make during the story, you could end up:

  • Fighting against other monsters!
  • Traveling to an alien planet!
  • Swimming to the bottom of the ocean!
  • Crushing those puny, irritating humans!
  • And much, much more!

Written in the first-person style of classic kids books but with a modern sense of humor, MONSTER ISLAND ESCAPE is a new book from Alternate Histories’ owner and president Matthew Buchholz. The DECIDE YOUR FATE series is a new set of books from Alternate Histories where YOU are in control! Make choices as you read to find your way to dozens of
alternate endings. It’s never the same book twice! Click here to buy the whole DECIDE YOUR FATE series and save.

PARENTAL NOTE: MONSTER ISLAND ESCAPE contains giant monsters fighting, atomic energy, aliens, and a lot of people being eaten but in a comedic, non-graphic manner. Please use your discretion when deciding if this book is right for your child.

ISBN 978-1-7353948-2-4

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