The Surrender of the British at Yorktown

Discover how America was truly able to defeat the mighty British forces in the Revolutionary War: with the aid of ro-bots! This 11 x 17 print comes with this description: 

This finely rendered mural depicts the surrender of British forces by General O’Hara to American forces in Yorktown, Virginia at the close of the Revolutionary War. Although O’Hara formally surrendered to Field General Lincoln, General George Washington can be seen on the right side of the picture flanked by his troops and one of Benjamin Franklin’s Automaton Mechanical Soldiers, commonly known as an “Ironside.” These ro-bot troops helped dispatch British cannon positions and were equally adept at engaging Britain’s fierce herds of Lake District Dragons. The fiercely loyal and intelligent dragons, commanded by Cornwallis himself, were the scourge of the colonies until the creation of Franklin’s steam-powered army

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