Music for an Unknown World Vinyl Album

From the far reaches of the vinyl galaxy comes..."Music for an Unknown World!" This limited-edition clear green vinyl album is curated by Alternate Histories from the Numero Group catalog, focusing on 1950s & 60s space-age pop, fuzz tone garage, and otherworldly harmonies. It's a sonic trip through the universe and through yourself, printed by Third Man Pressing in Detroit. It's created and dedicated to my late father, Robert Buchholz, who shared his love of sci-fi movies and music with me. Click below to hear samples, then buy a vinyl copy to take the full trip! 

Track Listing:

1. Outer Limits / The Centuries
2. Dark Side of the Moon / Eddy Bailes and the Cadillacs
3. Tornado / The Jiants
4. Paper Sky / The Hallmarks
5. Dreamtime / The Floresents
6. Lonely World / The Sensations
7. Desert Dawn / Jack Fascinato

8. Unknown / The Werps
9. Like Weird! (George Raft Theme) / The Centuries
10. In My Grave / The Reactions
11. Oasis / The Majestics
12. Outcast / Vickie & the Van Dykes
13. Live With the Moon / Chayns

Thanks to everyone at Numero and Third Man Pressing for their help, guidance, and for making this possible.

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