Current Standings

March 21, 2017

Round 1: Godzilla vs The Giant Octopus: GODZILLA

Round 2: Nosferatu vs The Deadites: NOSFERATU

Round 3: Flying Saucers vs The Blob: FLYING SAUCERS

Round 4: Ro-Man vs Lobo: RO-MAN

Round 5: Gamera vs Graboids: GAMERA

Round 6: Zombies vs Wights: ZOMBIES

Round 7: Xenomorph vs The Thing: THE THING

Round 8: Torg vs Torgo: TORGO

Round 9: Godzilla vs Gamera: GODZILLA

Round 10: Nosferatu vs Zombies: NOSFERATU!

Round 11: Flying Saucers vs The Thing: Flying Saucers

Round 12: Ro-Man vs Torgo: TORGO!

Round 13: Godzilla vs Flying Saucers: GODZILLA

Round 14: Nosferatu vs Torgo: NOSFERATU

Fina Round: Godzilla vs Nosferatu: GODZILLA!

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