Let's Get Ready to REALLY Rumble

March 05, 2017

Let's Get Ready to REALLY Rumble

Starting Monday, March 6, get ready to vote for your favorite monsters from movies & TV in an all out brawl across four divisions to determine who is the Championship Monster! Download your bracket now and start thinking about that all important question: who would win in a fight?
From March 6-23, a new fight will be posted each weekday. Winners will be determined by votes and you'll get a chance to say why you made your choice! Would Gamera's fire breath decimate the highly flammable Wights? Can The Thing take on the form of an Alien Xenomorph? And for god's sake, what is Torgo doing here? The best answer from each fight will win a special prize!  Sign up below to get daily emails about the latest fight and results! This March is going to be truly MAD!

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