Round 10: Nosferatu vs Zombies

March 17, 2017


To Decide the Winner of the Undead Division: NOSFERATU vs ZOMBIES

The German Silent Horror vs the Pride of Pittsburgh Terror! Who will win?!

NOSFERATU: aka Count Orlock, he has the ability to change shapes and take on the form of rats. Strong, cunning, and able to control men's minds, he drinks blood to survive. Weaknesses: Sunlight!

ZOMBIES: A strange radiation has turned normal humans into these relentless, animalistic killing machines. A bite from them will also turn the bitten into a zombie as well. Zombies will keep coming and can only be stopped by a shot or axe to the head, and can survive in any climate or time of day. Weaknesses: Zombies barely think (at least not in this early incarnation) and subsist only on their desire to feed.


Update: Congrats to NOSFERATU!

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