Round 11: Flying saucers vs The Thing

Posted on March 20, 2017 by Matthew Buchholz | 0 Comments

Classic Atomic Age Aliens vs Cold War Paranoia!

  • FLYING SAUCERS: Protected by an almost impenetrable force field, the Flying Saucers nearly destroyed Washington DC. The ships also posses highly powerful death rays that destroy entire buildings and are run by highly advanced aliens. Weaknesses: if their force field is breached, they aliens controlling the ships are frail and easily killed.
  • THE THING: An unknown organism from outer space with the ability to assimilate and take on the forms of other creatures, human and non-human. The host organism can survive on the cellular level in extreme cold and kills a host before taking over its likeness. Weaknesses: Extremely few. Dislikes fire.


Congrats to the winner, Flying Saucers!




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