Round 12: Ro-Man vs Torgo

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Matthew Buchholz | 0 Comments

To Decide the Winner of the Wildcard Division: Ro-Man vs Torgo!

A nightmarish alien conqueror vs the Devil's henchman!

Quick note: I'm changing the voting so you have to submit your name and email to vote. Sorry, but I got a lot of suspicious votes on the last round. I will not use your email to contact you or sell it!

  • RO-MAN: Representative from a highly advanced race sent to Earth to eliminate mankind. His superior, bubble-based technology allows him to destroy all mankind's technology, and crush enemies with his strength. Weaknesses: The love of a human woman, and the fishbowl falling off his head.
  • TORGO: A hellish half satyr who seemingly works for the devil himself, Torgo is a creature of the darkness, creeping (slowly) through the desert to attack his prey. Can you stand the terror of his large thighs? Weaknesses: can be pushed over, the ickiness factor.

Congrats to the Wildcard winner, TORGO!




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