Round 2: Nosferatu vs Deadites

March 07, 2017

Round 2: Nosferatu vs Deadites

From the Undead Division: NOSFERATU (1922) vs The DEADITES from "The Evil Dead" (1981).

Both are undead! Yet only one can reign supreme!

  • NOSFERATU: aka Count Orlock, has the ability to change shapes and take on the form of rats. Strong, cunning, and able to control men's minds, Nosferatu does literally fade away in sunlight. Must drink blood to survive.
  • THE DEADITES: Dead by dawn! A person or persons taken over by a Kandarin Demon, Deadites think with a hive mind.Few creatures survive possession by a Deadite, although they can be defeated by forms of magic and a handy chainsaw. Do they possess the strength and magic to overtake a Vampyr?


UPDATE: In a closer race, NOSFERATU wins with 62% of the vote! Here's the winning comment:

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