Round 3: Flying Saucers vs The Blob

March 08, 2017

Round 3: Flying Saucers vs The Blob

From the Alien Division: FLYING SAUCERS from "Earth vs the Flying Saucers" vs THE BLOB from "The Blob" (1958)

Both are from another world! Yet only one can win!

  • FLYING SAUCERS: Protected by an almost impenetrable force field, the Flying Saucers nearly destroyed Washington DC. The ships also posses highly powerful death rays that destroy entire buildings and are run by highly advanced aliens. Weaknesses: if their force field is breached, they aliens controlling the ships are frail and easily killed.
  • THE BLOB: An alien form from another planet that does not communicate or make demands. It only attacks and subsumes everything living in its path with no thought or fear. Firearms, fire, and electricity have no effect. Weaknesses: the Blob retreats from the cold and can be frozen.

Update: It was a close vote! Heated arguments on both sides, but the winner was THE FLYING SAUCERS!

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