Round 4: Ro-man vs Lobo

March 09, 2017

From the Wildcard Division: RO-MAN from "Robot Monster" (1953) vs LOBO from "Bride of the Monster" (1955)

Creatures of low budgets! Both done in by the love of a human woman! Who will shamble supreme?!

  • RO-MAN: Representative from a highly advanced race sent to Earth to eliminate mankind. His superior, bubble-based technology allows him to destroy all mankind's technology, and crush enemies with his strength. Weaknesses: The love of a human woman, and the fishbowl falling off his head.
  • LOBO: A savage gigantic brute with enough strength and size to shake the foundations of the buildings around him, Lobo is cruel yet simple, at times acting like a wounded beast. Weaknesses: The love of a human woman, and Angora.

UPDATE: Congrats to winner RO-MAN!

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