Round 6: Zombies vs Wights

March 13, 2017

The mother of all modern zombies vs the ghostly walking dead! One is thirsty for flesh and knows nothing else; the other is controlled by merciless foes. Who will win?

ZOMBIES: A strange radiation has turned normal humans into these relentless, animalistic killing machines. A bite from them will also turn the bitten into a zombie as well. Zombies will keep coming and can only be stopped by a shot or axe to the head. Weaknesses: Zombies barely think (at least not in this early incarnation) and subsist only on their desire to feed.

WIGHTS: Corpses brought to life by the White Walkers, the Wights are even more indestructible than Zombies; a simple blow to the head won't stop them. Weaknesses: Highly flammable, plus they can do little without the interaction of the White Walkers who control them.

Update: Zombies win in the closest fight yet! Congrats to Chad Bower for his winning rationale!


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