Round 9: GODZILLA vs Gamera

March 16, 2017

To Decide the Winner of the Giant Monster Division: GODZILLA vs GAMERA!

The World's Greatest Giant Monster vs His Slightly Goofy Upstart! Both breath fire, both survive underwater! Who will win?

GODZILLA: King of all Monsters! Godzilla is the original Kaiju, and has never faced Gamera before onscreen. Scales and heights vary but Godzilla is the larger of the two. Weaknesses: Few, although Godzilla has been bested by physically superior opponents before.

GAMERA: The upstart who began life as a Godzilla knock-off but turned into a friend to all children. Gamera matches Godzilla's firepower and ability to survive underwater, but also adds in the power of flight and his impenetrable shell. Weaknesses: Few. Gamera is rarely beaten.

UPDATE: Congrats to Winner in a Landslide, GODZILLA!


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