Thank You to all Delivery People!

March 25, 2020

Thank You to all Delivery People!

Hello! I hope you're doing well and staying safe. Since I run a business that depends on shipping goods around the world, I have been thinking a lot about mail carriers & delivery people. They’re such heroes, aren't they? Whether it’s Postal employees, UPS drivers, Amazon delivery people, or someone dropping off food, these are people literally risking their lives to help keep us going.

To that end I wanted to make something that we could all hang up as a way of saying “thank you.”

So here you go, a series of six signs that you can print at home. There are two designs in three colors each, one that says “Thank You For Delivering to Our Home” and one that says “Thank You for Delivering To My Home.” I’ve put up the Pittsburgh black and gold at my house, but I hope you’ll put up whatever version you want! Feel free to share these far and wide too. Click below to download whichever version you want:

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