Yinzilla Mugs and Collaborations

April 22, 2024

Yinzilla Mugs and Collaborations

One of the great things about doing lots of pop-up events and getting to know other makers and small business owners in Pittsburgh is knowing exactly who to call when you have an idea for a collaboration. And the new Yinzilla mug + Coffee + Tea gift set is a perfect example!

By popular demand I was making a Yinzilla mug, but wanted to do something special for the release, especially for Mother's & Father's day coming up. Folks may remember a few years ago when I worked with the (sadly now gone) Black Forge Coffee for a Yawn of the Dead mug + coffee collab. 

This time I thought, "let's do it again but bring some local herbal tea into the mix!"

First I reached out to Cunning House Coffee. I'd seen them around town and sampled their coffee at an event, and invited them to a pop-up at my studio. Roasters Don & Luke gave me some samples and then created an amazing blend based on my feedback & notes. This is a crowd-pleasing coffee with notes of fudge and a hint of orange. And it's available as part of the gift set or you can buy a 12 oz bag of whole beans on its own!

For the tea, I knew just who to contact. I'd met Loukeisa from Triple Moon Alchemy when I approached her to sell her teas and herbal care products at a Crafts and Drafts event. This Peaceful Warrior blend uses Holy Basil (Tulsi), a sweet fruity herb that I love, and I was thrilled to add this locally-made tea to the gift set (or like the coffee, available on its own). 

Whether you pick the Herbal Tea or Coffee (or both!), I bet you're going to love the flavors. And you're supporting local independent Pittsburgh people too. 

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