Round 5: Gamera vs Graboids

March 10, 2017


 From the Monster Division: GAMERA from "Gamera the Giant Monster" (1965) vs THE GRABOIDS from "Tremors" (1990)

A creature awakened by an atomic bomb and a Southwestern anomaly! One is a creature of flight, the other burrows through sand!

  • GAMERA: Awakened by a nuclear bomb, Gamera's immense size and power of flight render him a worthy foe to any monster, but his hard shell and ability to breath fire put him in the top ranks of any monster contender. Weaknesses: he has been known to be a friend to children.
  • GRABOIDS: Savage creatures of the desert who tunnel through the ground to sneak up on their prey. The graboids can easily avoid detection and attack with their snake-like tentacles or giant powerful jaws. Weaknesses: Stupidity. They have little more intelligence than an average worm.


UPDATE: Congrats to Round 5 Winner of March Monster Madness by a large margin (pun intended), GAMERA!


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